Das Nibelungenlied

Topics: Epic poetry, Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: March 28, 2014
Das Niebelungenleid was written in a restless period, in central Europe (what researchers believe to be modern Germany and Austria). Researchers have theorized that Das Niebelungenleid was written in the thirteenth century during the Crusades. A lot of violence and fightening occurred during this period and it reflects in Das Nibelungenleid. The culture of this time was focused on winning whatever battle they were proposed with at the moment and protecting their beliefs and possessions. In Das Niebelungenleid, Siegfried battles a dragon which can be assumed is a symbol and disguise for opposing groups. Das Niebelungenleid reflects the everyday ideas and thoughts of the time in which it was written. In the epic Das Niebelungenleid social norms and standards of behavior are exemplified through Siegfried in his actions towards Princess Kriemhild. At this time, relationships were really a matter of courtly love and to win over the lady was to honor the lady and complete a task of high risk. In this case, the high risk was slaying the dragon. Through the religious influence on this epic, it is apparent that there are many symbols and abstract representations of the struggles and obstacles of that time. In Das Niebelungenleid, Princess Kriemhild is a parallel figure to the Virgin Mary. As a precious and valuable figure to Siegfried, Princess Kriemhild symbolized the Virgin Mary’s valuability and preciousness to the church. As Siegfried fought for honor and approval, he fought for more than just the princess. Siegfried’s courage and leadership is a reflection of the many leading crusaders of that period. Siegfried sacrificed and risked his life to kill the dragon for honor of Princess Kriemhild and the village. This symbolized the fight for religious power during the crusades. This action shown in epics, is usually a fight for something else. Siegfried wasn’t battling for himself, but for the princess and the town. This sense of revenge and achievement is...
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