Darn Form

Topics: Nurse, Nursing, Nurses Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Maximova Svetlana

Reflective Narrative Note-DARN-Form
This week in clinical Michaella, Mun and I got together for assessing the client with catheterization. Mun was a person who provided it but we were there to help her. The client was unable to express herself and she did not respond. We were connected well with each other doing her care. It was so difficult to find out the place for catherization because it was not in a proper place as we studied in anatomy class. Fortunately, our clinical instructor helped Mun and she did it well. After catheterization I was helping Michaella to provide care for her client. We took vital signs and helped PSW to do bathing. We communicated with the client using clear language and she seems to understand everything we said although she did not respond. I was assigned to the patient by my clinical instructor. Unfortunately, he was hospitalized. I asked my clinical instructor another client to assign to as a student. I asked the nurse, who worked in my West side, where I could find information about my client. She explained me that most of information about the client I could find in the computer. The nurse in our side was so nice. She explained every her step without any secret. With my team mates we were able to participate in measured blood glucose level, injection of Morphine, Nitroglycerin patch, TB shot. Become familiar with the computer system in our facility, clinical instructor was provided training for us. I have been used any opportunity to connect with my team mates, professor, and nurse. As a team, we participated in fire drill and communicated with clients. With the variety of racial and ethnic patients in hospitals today, nurses are faced with the problem of accurate assessing non-English speaking patients. In my clinical day, I used knowledge of background languages such as Hebrew and Russian to help my team mates to understand some clients. In reflecting on my experience...
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