Darkness Is Coming, for Me, and You...

Topics: Figure It Out, Did You See Me Coming?, The Devil Went Down to Georgia Pages: 11 (4674 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Darkness Is Coming, For Me, and You...

By: Savannah Nicole Goudreau.

Chapter One: Sunday, October 20th, 1998
In the small town of BloomyBrooks, 16 year old Cassidy lived on SunsetStreet. Suspicious and mysterious things were always going on in BloomyBrooks. For example, Cassidy's school, Crutchfield Hall, there are rumors going on there like: eerie echos, flickering lights, dark shadows, and, believe it or not, some of the students told the principal that, well...they saw ghosts! They say the ghosts walk the halls, moaning, and haunting...but at night it's even freakier. Imagine going to a school, no lights, no one there, you hear eerie noises, the lights flicker where ever you go, then, you start seeing dark and shadowy shadows. Freaky huh? Who would ever want to do that? Especially at night time? Well, guess what? This just described Cassidy perfectly! She always risks it. Let me tell you about Cassidy. Her favorite color is neon green, she says it's soothing and it calms her. Her favorite cereal is Cherrious she will eat them every single breakfast if she could! She loves bunnies, "They're fluffy and their nose is adorable when it twitches!" She exclaimed. She's shy but has lots of friends, and of course enemies! Who doesnt have enemies, right? Her friends were at a sleepover once with Cassidy and wanted to play truth or dare, one of the girls named Leah gasped and said, "Guys! Did you see that?" They looked around, not realizing Leah was joking but then Kayla spoke in a quiverring voice, "Oh my gosh, guys I saw it, I'm scared." Then the other girls, except Cassidy got freaked out, some not too scared not too calm, others were freaking out, Cassidy was the only one not freaked out, and said "Guys, this happened last time, Leah always just tries to spook us out!" The girls then felt a cold chill up and down their spine. "Guys...did you feel that too!!" Gigi asked, freaking out more, pulling a blanket over her head. "It might have just been our minds playing tricks on us." Cassidy announced to the shivering girls under their blankets. There was a big bang somewhere in the room, Leah reached for her flashlight, grabbed it and turned it on. She turned it this way and that way looking all over the room under her blanket. The other girls peaked from under their blankets while Cassidy sat next to Leah inspecting the room with the flashlight. "See guys, it's nothing!" They all let a bunch of air out like they were holding their breath. "Um, Cassidy, do you think you can turn on the light..." Yasmine asked. Cassidy took the flashlight, got up and saw the light switch across the room. She took a deep breath, held her breath and started walking toward the light switch, kind of scared. All the girls screamed when she turned off the flashlight, but in a flick of 5 seconds the light switch was on. They all let out a bunch of air again, relieved. "Thanks so much Cassidy! What would we do with out you?" Gigi thanked and asked. "Eh, I'm not sure, probably sit in the darkness all night waiting for someone to walk in, but then you'd all scream." Cassidy giggled. Then everyone giggled. What a sleepover! Chapter 2: Monday, October 21st, 1998.

"BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The alarm clock buzzed. Cassidy woke up from a nightmare. She plopped her hand on the alarm clock for it to stop. She got up and rubbed her eyes, when she opened them she saw a girl sitting at her window sill, but in a blink of an eye she was gone. "Hmm, oh well." Cassidy said. She rushed downstairs starving, and saw her mom making waffles, bacon, eggs, and saw a cup of milk on the table. Cassidy sat at the table and took a sip of her milk. "Goodmorning Cat, how'd you sleep?" Cassidy's mom always called her Cat as her nickname. "Great, thanks for the breakfast." Cassidy's mom smiled, a sign of saying yourwelcome and placed Cassidy's breakfast in front of Cassidy on the table. Cassidy's mom then put her plate of breakfast across from Cassidy's plate on the table. She sat...
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