Dark Room Essay

Topics: World War II / Pages: 2 (410 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2012
The author of the Dark Room ( Rachel Seiffert) made Lore, who is a young girl that has to walk across germany during world war 2 with her siblings, a memorable character by showing what she is like, what Lore’s mission was and the theme of the novel during world war 2.
The author of the Dark Room (Rachel Sieffert) used Lore's Characteristics to make her memorable. Lore is very adaptable to life during World War II. Lore often has to improvise by finding other ways of doing things for example when Lore tries to keep the children clean, she uses paraffin with a tub to try and get rid of nits in the children’s hair. Food was also scarce so she had to make reasonable portions with the food she gathered for herself and her siblings “Lore divides the rest of the bread between them”. Thus shows how adaptable she is during the tough living situations and shortages of World War 2. Lore is also very brave; this is shown when Jochen was shot by the Russian soldiers...’ A gun is fired again”...” The first one pulls Jochen shirt towards him”. When this happened in the novel Lore did not cry or run off after the Russian soldiers as they brutally killed Johan, this shows the reader how brave Lore is by leaving her own little brother in the paddock. This shows the authors intention to get the reader to feel for Lore as she must make tough decisions about food, which in today’s society is often taken for granted.
The author of the dark room, Rachel Sieffert used Lore’s mission to make her a memorable character. In the novel Lore needs to walk to her oma’s place, making her way from southern Germany to a place near Hamburg which is approximately six hundred kilometres, she not only has to do it by herself she also has to walk all the way with her siblings with a lack of trains operating “The man in the office says she will need to get permission from the americans... the last offical transport went over two weeks ago”..”The station is deserted”.The author makes it memorable

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