dark matter vs. dark energy

Topics: General relativity, Dark matter, Universe Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: January 26, 2014

Dark Matter VS. Dark Energy The big issue in science and a big deal to theoretical physicists is that, what exactly is dark matter? Why does it need dark energy to evolve around it? What's its importance in the universe and to the galaxies? Do we really need it, so many question appear on this subject and does it even exists. Some physicists think it may not even exists because they assume its made up of baryon or may not be even sure if it even exists, because its invisible and its particles hasn't been captured. Dark matter they say it helps keeps galaxies together the way they are in a gravitational circular motion. However, Dark Matter helps the universe to stay in its place not to expand as much dark energy makes it do so. Which Dark energy therefore increases the expanding and pulling galaxies and stars farther from earth. I think in my opinion we need more dark matter which only 27% is in the universe and 68% of dark energy and 5% normal matter. But at one time in the beginning of the BIG BANG, there was much more Dark Matter than all other kinds of matter combined. First situation that occurs to physicists is what exactly is the dark matter made of. It’s the key to finding of Dark Energy, and why is it causing the universe to expand at a rapid rate rather than a slower rate. According to NASA report “Dark Energy, Dark Matter” explains the expansion of the universe would affect the normal matter in galaxies and clusters of galaxies and how they behave. But they really refer to Einstein's theory of gravitational to see if they can finally solve his theory of gravitational. Pete Wilton a journalist argues that there’s really is no reason or explanation for dark matter. Einstein's theory is very hard to say if its incorrect or correct because no answers have been proven to his theory. Therefore, finding this particle would be and extraordinary finding, because it could be the answers too what all...
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