Dark Matter

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Dark Matter Astronomy

Research Topic
Topic: Dark Matter, Astronomy
Saul Perl mutter, 2011 states “The Universe in made mostly of dark matter and dark energy, and we don’t know what either of them is.” The above statement by Saul Perl mutter suggests that astronomers at this age have found this unknown substance by the name of Dark Matter. We chose this topic on Dark Matter as it intrigues us what is beyond our atmosphere and what is it made off. We want to know how Scientists realized the existence of Dark Matter despite knowing what it is. We feel that it may not be a concern to others, but in true fact Dark Matter is a sub-topic of Dark Energy. Dark Energy is the opposing force of gravity and it may destroy the universe. Thus we want to research on Dark Matter in order to learn more about this topic on Dark Energy.

Research Question
1) To what extent do the scientists agree with the existence of Dark Matter? 2) Even so, what are some methods to support the claim that there is Dark Matter in the universe?

Hypothesis statement
1) Many scientists agree to the existence of Dark Matter and the number of scientist who disagrees is negligible.

Dark Matter
Written by

(William, 1984) states “On a cosmic mystery of immense proportions, once seemingly on the verge of solution, has deepened and left astronomers and astrophysicists more baffled than ever. The crux ... is that the vast majority of the mass of the universe seems to be missing.” We are much more certain what dark matter is not than we are what it is. First, it is dark, meaning that it is not in the form of stars and planets that we see. Observations show that there is far too little visible matter in the Universe to make up the 25% required by the observations. Second, it is not in the form of dark clouds of normal matter, matter made up of particles called baryons. We know this because we would be able to detect baryonic clouds by their absorption of radiation...
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