Dark is Better: Marketing Strategy for Monggo Chocolates

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“Everybody loves chocolate”
Just like everyone else, you’ll probably think that good chocolate comes from countries like Belgia or Swiss. Yes that’s right, but not entirely true. Indonesia is the second largest cocoa producing country in the world, and the quality is so fine that most of it is exported around the world. Indonesia has the perfect temperature and climate condition to grow the most excellent cocoa beans. Indonesia’s cocoa has very strong aroma and high content of nutrients. Unfortunately, not many Indonesians know about this and only few local chocolate companies have been successful in their businesses. The purpose of our marketing plan is to turn Monggo, an authentic local chocolate brand; into the no. 1 preferred brand for dark chocolate not only in its own country – Indonesia but also in the world. As a start, we will focus our marketing strategies on building strong brand equity inside the country first. They include: 1. Product innovation to attract new market segments: children, youngsters, businesses, and health conscious people 2. Buzz, event, and experience marketing strategies to raise more awareness on dark chocolate and Monggo brand. 3. Sustainable CSR programs for image building We believe that through the right marketing strategies, nothing is impossible; that Monggo can be recognized as a high-quality dark chocolate brand from Indonesia. The marketing budget will be approximately 20% of 100% estimated sales generated.


1. Company Summary Monggo Chocolate was envisioned by Burhan and Edo and Thierry. Being a Belgian, Thierry posses the technique for creating great chocolates, whereas Edo and Burhan’s creativity and management skills helped the venture to kick off. Monggo was established in 2005. All products are made of dark chocolate (100% cocoa butter) with no added preservatives. Its products vary from regular bars, souvenir bars, pralines, seasonal events bars, hotel and restaurants bars, and chocolate flakes which are also blended with flavors such as caramel and praline. The word “Monggo” means “please” in Javanese and is often used by the natives along with a thumb gesture. This little word seemed so representative of the Javanese culture, the city of Yogyakarta and a perfect name for their chocolate. Presently, Monggo chocolate has expanded to other big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Bali. Its sales points mainly include high-end convenience and department stores. Despite its uniqueness and high quality, Monggo lacks major marketing activities and has yet to tap to it’s full potential of growth and brand awareness.

2. Current Analysis (The 4 Ps) A. Product Monggo uses Indonesian original dark chocolate and has been quite creative in its products’ shapes, flavors and customization (based on seasonal events). The Monggo Chocolate main differentiations are: - High quality dark chocolate: All chocolates are made without any added sugar or preservatives; and only use 100% pure cocoa butter (very high quality). - Handmade with Belgian technique: Chocolates are hand made in a home industry of around fifty workers (mostly Yogyakartan women). - Highlighting local culture: All packagings have traditional Javanese appeal and tone and made of recycled paper with images such as Borobudur temple. - 100% Indonesia: All ingredients are supplied from Indonesia to provide unique local such as ginger, orange, and organic “mete” bean flavors. 2


B. Price Monggo Chocolate sets its price to target the middle to high end customers. Here are the prices list of Chocolate Monggos’ regular products: 40gr Chocolate @IDR 13,000; Caramello, Praline, Dark, Strawbery, and White 80gr Chocolate @IDR 34,000;Dark 69%, Mete Bean Organic, Macadamia 80gr Chocolate @IDR 25,000; Dark 57%, Ginger, Mete, Praline, and Raisin.

C. Promotion Until now, Chocolate Monggo has barely done any promotions on the media....
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