Dark Energy

Topics: General relativity, Universe, Big Bang Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: July 16, 2005
Dark energy what is it? Dark energy is a unknown energy said to take up 70 percent of the universe. The energy is a repulsive gravitational effect that is causing the universe to accelerate out-ward. No one knows exactly what dark energy is or where it comes from.

Dark Energy is a new idea. Little is known about dark energy, yet it takes up a huge amount if the universe.
Scientist were able to show the universe was expanding at an accelerated rate by measuring the red-shift of an object by comparing the spectral lines of the elements and the spectral lines of the same elements measured in a lab. The more distant the objects that emit light the brighter the spectral lines. In 1998 scientist observed that the supernovas are becoming dimmer, which means they are getting closer instead of farther away. They were able to show that dark energy has an influence on light particles and photons. When a photon passes a galaxy it falls into the gravitational pull, and the dark energy because it repulses gravity makes the photon pass right through the galaxy with even more energy than when it entered. These findings make dark energy completely independent of the supernova observations.

Astronomers have found the first direct evidence of dark energy in the afterglow of the Big Bang, the radiation caused by the Big Bang called cosmic microwave background (CMB). The cosmic microwave background is hotter in spots where there are more galaxies in a cluster.

Dark energy is also, what keeps space flat. Not until to long ago, there was an inconsistency between the matter in space, the energy in the universe, and the flatness of space. Scientist studied the cosmic microwave background and a large-scale structure, and they were able to conclude that the energy that keeps space flat is dark energy. Scientists are still trying to learn more about this mysterious energy. They conduct red-shift surveys of the galaxy clusters; a galaxy cluster is consisted of thousands of...
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