Dark Energy

Topics: General relativity, Universe, Dark matter Pages: 3 (465 words) Published: May 19, 2014

Dark Energy is a form of energy that spreads throughout all of space and moves it expands the universe. Dark energy is a theory to explain observations that say that the universe is expanding at a very fast rate. The universe contains about 68.3% of Dark Energy and 26.8% of dark matter. In the solar system, it is estimated only 6 tons of dark energy would be found within the radius of Pluto's orbit. However, to control the mass energy of the universe because of it is stable across the universe.

Dark energy appears to account for 73 percent of all the energy and matter in the universe. Its kind is not known, but it differs from matter in being in its nature is not well understood, but it differs from matter in being “gravitationally repulsive”. Dark energy is detected by its effect on the rate at which the universe expands. Many explanations have been said for dark energy. The simplest is that it is an energy density inherent to empty space. Dark energy is everywhere in space along with dark matter and ordinary matter

In the last 20 years, evidences for the existence of Dark energy increased. Many machines can confirm today the growth expansion of the Universe. This thing is based on observations from the Earth of the distance and velocities of very far galaxies. Because of infinite speed of light, so scientist can study the Universe as how it looks like billions of years ago. Dark energy has expanded and will keep expanding.

Dark energy affects the spreading universe it doesn’t say much to scientist. The properties of the unknown matter are still being researched. Recent studies by scientist have shown that dark energy has changed constantly over the universe's history, which provides some insight into the unseen material. Dark energy is an unknown substance material that scientist don’t know about. Dark energy comes from different parts of the universe because it makes it up.

Dark energy and dark matter, Dark energy makes up most of...
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