Dark Descent

Topics: Mitosis, Cell cycle, Cell Pages: 3 (512 words) Published: January 14, 2013
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___Binder: Neat, no writing or scribbling (2pt)
___Divider Sheets, Tabs Labeled (2pt)
___Cover Sheet, Neat, typed, Picture (2pt)

Assignments 1st Quarter: (2 pts each)
___Welcome, Signed, Syllabus
___Lab Safety handout, Signed
___Microscope Functions & labeled
___Ch 1 Study of Life (FIB) completed
___Opinionarie: What is Life
___Ch 2-3 Chem/Enzymes (FIB) completed
___Diagrams: enzyme graph, ph scale,
___Diagrams: enzyme fit, carbon, ATP/ADP
___Drawings loose leaf: 4 molecules, labeled
___Ch. 4 The Cell (FIB) completed
___Part 4.1 extra notes ##6, #12 a & b
___Part 4.2 #4 Diagram & label mitochondrion
___Part 4.3 Arrange in order
___Cell Organelles Chart –Parts/Functions
___Cell Organelle Labels
___Biological Levels of Organization (handout) completed
___Ch. 5 Homeostasis & Transport (FIB)
___Diagram #10 Contractile vacuole
___Diagram: #12a Endoctosis (page 103)
___Diagram #12b Exoctosis (page 104)
___Diagram Fluid Mosaic Model on loose leaf (p 74 in text)
___Diagram Facilitated diffusion on loose leaf(page 99)
___Ch 5 Homework Questions
___Osmosis problems Homework (6 problems)
___Ch. 8 Mitosis Introduction (FIB & diagrams)
___Ch 8 Mitosis & Meiosis (FIB) complete
___Diagram #3 Phases of Cell Cycle Pie Chart
___Diagram #9 Cytokinesis – Plant & Animal
___Diagram Meiosis #5 Metaphase & Crossing Over
___Diagram Meiosis #6 Egg & Sperm Dev’t (p 155)
___Diagram: All Stages of Cell Cycle, Mitosis (loose leaf)
___Diagram: Zygote Development (page 683)
___Chart Comparing Mitosis/Meiosis
___Concept Map – Comparing Mitosis & Meiosis
___4.5 Common Assessment – corrected in red ink
___Study guide for 1st Quarter Exam

Lab Activities:
___Graphing Skills Handout
___Catalase Enzyme Activities
___Diffusion Lab
___Osmosis Demonstrations
___Plant & Animal Mitosis Microviewer

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