Dark Ages of Nursing

Topics: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Protestant Reformation Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: September 18, 2013

During the late middle ages (1000-1500) because of crowding and poor sanitation in the monasteries nurses went into the community. During this era hospitals were built and the number of medical schools increase. Between 1500 and 1860 (A.D.) politics, the Renaissance all affected nursing. As nursing was not valued as an intellectual endeavour it lost much of its economic support and social status at the start of the Renaissance. The deterioration of Catholicism which had supported the monasteries, hospitals, and nursing was led to the climax of its decay by the Protestant Reformation. A widespread movement of suppression of monasteries occurred similar to that in England which was brought about by Henry (VIII) who had used the advantage of Protestantism to free himself from Papal authority. The King used his revolt of the church based on the Roman Catholic Church refusal to sanction his divorce. He destroyed over 600 monasteries during his Protestants revolt. The immediate result of the monastic dissolution was the hospitals and inns were suddenly snatched away from a public dependent upon them for many centuries. Which caused the poor to be without any principle organized system of relief. An additional effect of the Reformation was the complete withdrawal of medicine from the monastery to the University. Thus medicine found a refuge that was denied to nursing. Medical advancement had been assured while the techniques of nursing remained unchanged in the guardianship of brothers, and nuns who continued practising nursing. The Protestants viewed the woman's place as being in the home raising children. Industrial class women took in work or went out to work. As nursing was not considered acceptable even to the industrial classes nurses were usually immoral, drunken, illiterate, and/or prostitutes. Nurses were considered to be the lowest level of human society. A decline in the quality of public service for the sick was noticeable towards the...
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