Dare to be Different

Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 20, 2014
If you want to get what everyone is getting, do what everyone is doing. To my mentor, to my fellow classmates, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. This speech is about wanting to be different. WHAT DOES BEING DIFFERENT MEAN?

It means not being afraid to challenge the norm-- willing to take a risk-- making your own track, not just following what is common. I believe that every one is born unique. But through the years we work very hard to be like everyone else. We conform to society’s “common sense”. Unfortunately it’s just that “common sense” does not mean it is “good sense”. THE TEENAGERS

It is said that teenage life is the most fun. It is the time when you experience A LOT of first times, encounter situations that show your strengths and weaknesses, and most of all it is the time when you feed yourself with answers to fulfill your questions. However there is one thing that most of them can’t escape. It is the fear of not being able to satisfy what is expected from them. They are often compared to other people which is good and at the same time bad. DON’T HOLD BACK. Gather the COURAGE to create your own course and destiny. Be the person that you were meant to be. Follow your dreams and let yourself do the things that make you happy. WHY? So the time of regret would not come and there would only be success ahead of you. THE FOLLY OF EDUCATION

If you were to observe a class at school, it is likely that most of them spent more than a decade getting an education that’ll able them to get the jobs they want. Most of us won’t even read unless there’s an exam in sight. But you know what? Every day of our life is an examination. Every day we either pass or fail the test of life. Every day is an opportunity to grow beyond our present barriers and circumstances. Every day is a chance to become a better person. The saddest part is most of people don’t realize this.

Society celebrates mediocrity so much that...
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