Daphne and Apollo

Topics: Love, Daphne, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Daphne and Apollo

With the complications that love and relationships may bring, there are many ways that one may deal with them. Apollo, the son of Jupiter and Latona, had his own unique way handling relationships and life itself. Apollo was the most the most beautiful and glorious of all the gods. He was the god of music, sun, medicine, poetry, and all fine arts. In today’s society, various relationships take on the manner in which Apollo conducted his.

Coronis, a considerate and an endured fair maiden, initiated many of Apollo’s love interests and affairs. In spite of Apollo’s deep love and infatuation for Coronis, Apollo’s favorite bird discovered Coronis’ infidelity, which made him extremely jealous and angry, so he shot her through the heart. Guilt took over Apollo, and he felt overwhelmed, he wanted to bring Coronis back to life. He blamed the bird for him feeling what he felt towards Coronis, and took his anger out on the bird.

It was love at first site when Apollo saw Daphne, and so began another love affair. Apollo took abrupt action to win over Daphne’s heart. When Apollo approached Daphne, she took off running, Apollo took off after her, waving his arms and yelling her name, saying he would do no harm to her. She ran to her father’s (Peneus, the river god) stream, begging for his protection because she was terrified. Her father granted her her wish and changed Daphne into a beautiful laurel tree. Once Apollo saw this he realized he could no longer have Daphne, and to show how much he loved her he decided that the laurel tree would be his favorite.

Many say that “actions speak louder than words”, and in the case of Apollo, it is quite true. In today’s society a lot of couples have these intense love affairs which leads to divorce or couples splitting up. Today men and women alike follow Apollo’s standards by going after someone and when that someone loses interest we find some reason to end it, usually immaturely. If...
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