Danys Letter

Topics: Family, London, Race Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Danny’s letter to Deidre
* Details of Danny’s background.
* Danny’s situation with Chris.
* Danny’s granddad’s felling towards him and mum.
* Steven Parker and racism.
* Danny is about to start a new start in a new school.

Dear Deidre,
My name is Danny Mangam and I am 14 years old. I currently live with my mum but I and my mum have, confidentially, escaped my mum’s boyfriend (Chris). Let me tell you more on that point… Roughly one week ago I and my mum, Catherine Mangam, lived in south London with a man called Chris Kane AKA-the monster. He was my mum’s boyfriend. At first, the start of the relationship, Chris was kind and always trying to impress me and my mum. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he turned from stupendous to shockingly horrifying. He started hitting me and my mum. He meaninglessly abused us daily. I kept asking myself: why is he hitting me? Why is he hitting my mum? When can you grow up Danny? But the one that kept irritating me is; when are you going to man up and protect your mum? It would never end! But one day I and my mum had enough of this ignorance so we decided that we had to get away from him and the only way is to sneak away.

We moved from south London to north London, from Peckham to Edge Cliff. If Chris didn’t abuse us, if he just stayed as he was at the start of the relationship, if he was a better step-father, then I and my mum would be under his roof and not under my granddads. My granddad, Harry Mangam, is my mum’s dad. It seems like he is racist and treats me with hostility as a result. My Nan, Joan Mangam, regrets her marriage because Harry drove her family out of the house following Cathy's pregnancy. I think my granddad still love my mum but not me because Im black! Steve Parker, lives next door to me; he and his friends Craig and Jamie give me a really hard time because of the colour of my skin. Steve suffers a broken nose when I punched him in retaliation to a racist...
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