Danticat the Dew Breaker

Topics: Haitian Creole language, Family, Haiti Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Sofija Kulikauskas
November 18, 2010
HACU 140
The Dew Breaker First Draft

Danticat's The Dew Breaker employs an interior analysis of emotions to depict a shared history under different circumstances. In “Night Talkers” for example, Dany returns home to Haiti from America to see his blind aunt, Estina Estème. Dany's reason of coming back to Haiti is to inform his aunt that he found the man who killed his parents as a young boy and caused his aunts blindness. He does not get a chance to explain to her what he does until later on in the chapter. While he is settling in, Estina informs him about some boys who were deported back to Haiti and have lost the native language, Creole. She introduces him to an American-Haitian boy named Claude who is a former prisoner and deported from America. Dany and Claude both bond on different levels of their experiences with Haiti, whereas Dany comes back to his home land and Claude is reintroduced to his home land. Despite their differences they are both gladly welcomed home and are treated without unfamiliarity.

Before Estina brings Claude to meet Dany, she asks him if he was deported, because a lot of the people in the village are deported for multiple reasons. “We have a few boys here in the village who have been sent back. Many don't even speak Creole anymore. They come here because this is the only place they have any family. There's one boy not far from here. I'll take you to visit him. You can speak to him, one American to another.” (96) The people who are sent back do not have a place to go except to Haiti because it is a place they know they have some family. They have lost the language and most of the culture they were brought up by and now they are reliving what they have lost going to America. When Estina says “one American to another” I found it interesting she mentions that because they both have a culture similarity, and she assumes that since they are both have been in America they would have something in...
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