Dante Canto 5

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Dante’s Inferno
Dante’s Inferno by Dante Aligheri is a classic tale that involves Christian mortality and mythological and classical literature. If you like it hot, then Dante’s Inferno is one hot book you might want to read. My opinion, I like his story but it was kind of sad. It was a hard decision to make. In this tale we watch Virgil and Dante through the circles of hell in order to reach heaven where Dante’s beloved Beatrice. Dante created this tale in order to give the world a visual image of afterlife and explain the Christian belief of sin and punishment. Each successive circle get smaller and smaller creating a funnel-like shape. The circles get smaller in size they become greater in punishments, and the circumstance for these sinners become more and more uncomfortable. When Dante enters the second circle, he sees Minos, a horrible, snarling demon to whom each soul confesses everything. Minos warns Dante to turn back, but Virgil again asserts that Dante’s journey is divinely. Dante hears wailing again, in a place where light is mute. A storm drives the spirit through the air like hell; they have no hope of rest, no hope of less pain. Virgil tells him of more than a thousand souls, all having died because of love and lust. Virgil tells him to ask them to come in the name of their love. The woman named Francesca, recognizes Dante as a living soul and answers him. She fell in love with Paolo, her husband’s younger brother. Francesca’s husband quickly discovered their transgression and had the young lover killed. Now Francesca and Paolo are doomed to spend eternity in the Second Circle of Hell. Dante faints again.
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