Danse Russe

Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Rhyme Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: April 29, 2014
Danse Russe
Robert Morgan once said, “If a poem is not memorable, there’s probably something wrong. One of the problems of free verse is that much of the free verse poetry is not memorable.” Most people think that one must you use a certain type of traditions meter to make good poetry. In reality there are many other ways to make great poetry, one example would be free verse. Free verse poetry is structured according to formal and rhythmic patterns invented for the particular poem. If the poet does decide to forgo elements of regular meter and traditional poetic poems, there are many alternate elements in free verse that can create a different structure. Unlike traditional poetry, poets are allowed to create their own pattern to achieve the emotional effects that he wanted to get across. In Danse Russe, Williams uses a lot of repetition of sound, while using free verse, to create his own structure that will be interesting to the reader. The pattern that he creates does a good job of connecting to the emotional or imaginative effect he is aiming for. William creates a repetition of sound in this poem by using enjambment, end-stopping, assonance and many other ways which allow him to make the reader focus on important parts, and emphasize important things. These patterns he creates work with the feeling of freedom that comes with free verse. In Danse Russe, William Carlos Williams generates a feeling of freedom, and looseness. For example Williams writes, “if I in my north room/dance naked, grotesquely/before my mirror/ waving my shirt round my head.” (7-10) In these lines Williams paints this picture of a old man who has had a long day, and needs to blow off some steam, just dancing in front his mirror freely in a room alone. The man in this poem is living free without care while he can. Williams then gives the reader a sense of insecurity, or shame while the man is standing in front of the mirror. In the poem the man says, “and singing softly...
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