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达能 Danone
大纲:集团简介Group profile
品牌和产品Brand and product
发展历程 development history



前身为BSN,一家制造玻璃瓶和平板玻璃的法国公司。 达能是财富500强企业,也是全球最成功的健康食品公司之一。达能的业务遍及全球五大洲120多个国家和地区,拥有超过190家工厂和逾10万名员工。2012年,达能实现的销售额达209亿欧元。 €20,9 billion in sales in 2012.
Total workforce: 102,401 people

达能将“通过食品,为尽可能多的人带来健康”作为企业使命 Our mission: Bringing health through food to as many people as possible. 发展历程:
1、Created in 1919, in Barcelona, Spain, by Isaac Carasso, the Danone brand was named after his son Daniel. the original company was a small factory producing yoghurt. 2、Daniel Carasso launched Danone in Paris in 1929. At that time, Parisians weren’t any more familiar with yogurt than the people of Barcelona had been ten years earlier. However, Danone quickly got ahead of the competition thanks to the quality of its products, their packaging and presentation as well as to the use of advertising which, as in Spain, highlighted yogurts’ beneficial effects on health. Business was good... 3、in 1973,the BSN company merged with Gervais Danone and began to expand internationally. 4、In July 2007, it was announced that Danone had reached agreement with Kraft to sell its biscuits division, including the LU and Prince brands, for around €5.3 billion.  Also in July 2007, Danone offered a €12.3 billion cash to buy the Dutch baby food and clinical nutrition company Numico, creating the world's largest manufacturer of baby food. 达能确立了四大核心业务:鲜乳制品、饮用水和饮料、婴儿营养品和临床营养品,并成为全球第一家也是唯一一家以通过食品带来健康作为清晰定位的食品公司,拥有巨大的发展潜力。 二、达能品牌

Danone occupies the leading position of health food in four areas。 达能在健康食品的四个领域占据领先地位:鲜乳制品(全球第一)、饮用水和饮料(包装饮用水和饮料市场全球第二)、婴儿营养品(全球第二)和临床营养品(欧洲第一)。 World number 1 in fresh dairy products
World number 2 in bottled waters
World number 2 in baby nutrition
European number 1 in medical nutrition
1、 鲜乳制品
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