Danish Jawed , the Outstanding Canadian Playwright

Topics: Canada, Toronto, Diaspora Pages: 5 (1910 words) Published: May 26, 2013
‘Our Man in Canada’ :Danish Jawaid ,the Outstanding Playwright of Indian Origin

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee

Photos of Tele Film and Danish Jawaid in many positions




Danish Jawaid while in Canada, continued to take an interest in Urdu literary activities in and around Toronto by holding literary gatherings at his residence, and attending and participating in events of a similar nature. His very presence in Canada served as a catalytic agent. Even though he devoted most of his time here to academic pursuits, the Urdu-speaking literary world would endearingly refer to him as "our man in Canada."The main thrust of South Asian Canadian writers is away from India and towards Canada. In other words, it is an out of India or away from India experience that is being recorded. His Hijrat Ke Tamashey was adapted for a 13 episode serial produced by Omni 2 TV in Toronto in 2007 with reruns in 2009.2010.and 2011. Mr.Jawaid bagged The Civic Arts Award –Pickering 2010, South Asian Theatre Festival Award- New Jersey 2008, and the Shiromani Sahitya Award- India 2007. He presented his plays in Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Dhaka, Karachi, Sweden, and Tokyo and also attended many festivals. Jawaid Danish ‘s Bara Shayar , Chhota Aadmi is an out and out a Canadian Production and the Tele film will appeal to Young and Old, South Asian and Immigrants of Other Nationalities. The award winning play was written and directed by Jawaid Danish himself . The eight week shooting project started with MAHURAT of the first Indian Tele Film Bara Shayar Chhota Aadmi Jawaid Danish in Toronto in the presence of the Sahitya Akademy winning playwright and Director of films , Mahesh Dattani. It is a historic day for the artists of Rangmanch –Canada as Mahesh Dattani clapped the first shot for The Mahurat Ceremony of the film on June 16. It is a Barefoot Films Canada Production .Theatre and Movie goers in Canada are well acquainted with the name of Jawaid Danish who addressed in his plays and other write ups the trials and tribulations of immigrant families in Canada . The play was 45 min. with a central issue of a visiting poet, and his love triangle here, resulting to a suicide of one girl, but the film is 90 min. and deals a bigger picture of immigrants and their cultural and psychological problems here, and some comical language flavours of different Indian character here. The storyline is quite funny however. There are great poets but some times because of avarice and lack of moral values, they become very mean and insensitive.The hero of the story is a great poet, but he is not a great man in real terms.Danish is not criticising all great poets or artists, but exception governs the world. He is invited by an old girl friend to Canada, but when he meets a young girl as his fan, he ignores the old flame and becomes busy with the new one.It is a very interesting story. Immigration remains one of the hot button issues throughout Canada. It is a recurring theme in his plays .There are ,however, multiple perspectives in the play of Danish including immiration. The subject of immigration has recently moved to the forefront in Canada. In the past it was for granted that Canada was a welcoming country. But as the Canadian economy became more fragile and the population rose, more people started questioning whether Canada is allowing too many immigrants. And after 9/11, the Canadian government aligned itself with the U.S. in becoming more restrictive. The paranoia toward the Arab world began to grow. Three years earlier Richard Jenkins also received an Oscar nod for his role in The Visitor, the story of a professor whose life is transformed by his encounter with a Middle Eastern immigrant threatened with...
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