Daniella Zalcman Paragraph 1 and 2

Topics: Photography, Function, The Streets Pages: 5 (798 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Daniella Zalcman

Daniella Zalcman is a multimedia journalist, photographer and web designer based in London and New York City. She was born in Washington, DC and graduated from the University of Columbia with a degree in architecture. She begin to create a series of double exposure photographing when she moved from New York to London in 2012. For photography editing, she only used iPhone 4S and relied on smartphone applications. She said the reason she chose to use iPhone is that the use for bulky digital camera for newspaper and magazine demands a high level of focus and is never comfortable. However, her phone frees her from those constraints, so she can experiment and use editing techniques that would be ‘once out of place’ in photojournalism. Deeply influenced by her University life, Zalcman developed her interest in mixing architectural based images. The viewer’s first impression of photographer Daniella Zalcman is that she knows how to present the architectural elegance in the best way; whilst mixing in the cheerful crowd of the street into the image. Moreover, she does not use a lot of intense colors on her images, but rather high contrast tones, making the image vivid and lucid. Most of the photos illustrates the activeness and busyness of people. However, she does not use mid shots or focus on capturing people’s faces.

This multiple exposure includes her image taken at Washington Square Arch with water fountain and at some streets in London. It is contrastive in colors because the top part is darker and contrasts to the light-shiny bottom part. The display of many grey-toned colors instills a sense of depression; however the bottom half showing the cheerful crowd so colourful, creating a joyful mood. It can be tricky to deduce how many images she used to create this multiple exposure effect. By a glance, it looks like she used three images; in fact, she only used two images! The photo that was taken in London Street adopted the eye level view during the mid-day. This is worth noting because it is a good angle to prevent the shades of the cars and buildings from extending. Moreover, the photo of New York was taken with a low angle view. It captured the joyful children playing around the water fountain with their parents watching on the fountain border. It is not hard to deduce that the photo is taken in summer, as indicated by their dress-code – short sleeves, shorts and skirts. This photo has different vanishing points as well. One of the vanishing point is on the central area of the image, but this vanishing point is hard to see, because of the overlapped image. Moreover, another vanishing point is on the left bottom side. This vanishing point however, would drag the viewer’s eyes into the end. Despite the fact that the images were taken in different places, they harmonizes well because the buildings and people are similar in colors and style. Worth noting that most people in the New York City wore brighter colors than people in London. Furthermore, a busy mood is created because there are lots of lines crossing from one direction to the other with a variety of colors synchronizing each other.

This image has only one vanishing point. As you go along the vanishing point, you will find that it is the end of both images. Also, this image draws a vivid link with the movie Inception. Recalling a vivid scene in the movie, when the college girl student joined two roads into a perpendicular road with one vanishing point in her dreams, looking exactly like this image. One of the photos was taken on the road used an eye level view with mid shot; whilst another image used high angle view with a long shot. Most of the people in this image are not the people on the street photo, but rather the people in the opera photo. It creates a miniature effect as the people are significantly smaller than their actual proportion on the streets. The viewer can find little to no people on the street. Both images are taken...
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