Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit's Life and Work

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Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
On a brisk spring 12th to the 24th (resources are mixed) of May in 1686, a Mr. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was brought into the sweet town of Danzig. Daniel did not grow up with both of his parents. His family members were merchants that moved from one city another. Fahrenheit's great-grandfather had loved in Rostock, although research suggests that the Fahrenheit family originated in Hildesheim. In 1650, Daniel's grandfather, Reinhold Fahrenheit vom Kneiphof moved from Kneiphof to Danzig and then stayed there as a merchant. Young Daniel's Father, Daniel Fhreneit married Concordia, daughter of famous Danzig business family of Schumann. Daniel Gabriel had five siblings that survived childhood. Some were lost along the way. He had one brother and three daughters. His parents died from eating poisonous mushrooms in 1701. Therefore, Gabriel had to start business training at a young age as a merchant in Amsterdam because Amsterdam was where his guardian sent him. However, his interest in natural sciences made him decide to take up studies and experimentation in that field. After traveling around, he settled down in 1717 in The Hague, which is the third largest city in the Netherlands. He started off with the trade of glassblowing, making barometers, altimeter and thermometer. Form 1718 until an unknown time, he gave lectures and speeches in chemistry in Amsterdam, and became a member of the Royal Society in 1724.

Mr. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit is mostly known and famous for inventing the Fahrenheit scale on thermometers and the thermometers themselves. That was an unsuccessful try. He then tried to make a thermometer with mercury inside of it. This happened in 1714. The original thermometer, was invented by Galileo Galilei around 1600. That thermometer had relied on changes in air volume to measure temperature shifts. When it became apparent that the volume of air changes with atmospheric pressure, scientists...
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