Daniel Boone

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The Life and Times of Col. Daniel Boone is a non-fiction piece of literature which was written by Nancy Ellis. This book was published by AuthorHouse, and this book ultimately deals with the adventures of Daniel Boone. Nancy Ellis wrote this book because Daniel Boone was one of the most intriguing people America has ever produced. Throughout this book there are many examples of how unordinary this man is. From killing a cougar when he was a mere child, to volunteering for the War of 1812 at an age of 78, this man was for from ordinary. Nancy Ellis sees that this man deserves recognition, more than of which he already has, for he has one of the most interesting life stories one can ask for. Ellis chose this subject of Daniel Boone because of the many heroes of this era, there is only one that stands out as one of the most important men that is not typically written of. Ellis did not want to be another one of those writers who wrote about a George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson. Ellis wanted to give credit where credit is due. After all, Boone was the founder of the state Kentucky, and Boone did play an important role in the Revolutionary war by supporting the Kentucky frontier unconditionally. This book was written in third-person point of view as if we were tagging along Boone and his companions’ adventures. This view helped established a prominent feel to this story, as if one was actually were accompanying Daniel Boone on his adventures. The purpose of this novel was to put on display the life of Daniel Boone. This book also served a purpose of displaying all of Boone’s achievements. Ellis did a marvelous job of this, for she explained Boone’s mindset and his personal views of the circumstances he was in. Ultimately, Ellis’ goal of giving an unbiased reference on the life Daniel Boone served great purpose by adding a whole new dimension to the novel. The general field of this novel is an informative non-fiction biography. This book fits

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