Dangling Man

Topics: Thought, Novel, Mind Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: June 18, 2013
How should I explain, or justify, the feeling of identification with the infamous bubble of isolation, hopeless egocentric loneliness and the imaginary closed-blinds–for-the -outside–world kind of feeling, so well defined in such a short novel, period of time and a, seemingly, simple man. Haven’t I read enough diaries of superfluous men, feeling always some mix of compassion and impatience, but with no expectation at all, to know how almost all of their thoughts end up in vain? Might be the timing, but this “dangling man’s anxiety I felt. It was my own one. As linear as it seems, the structure of the novel doesn’t give me a clean path I could follow in analyzing it. There are, moreover, parts that I incline to as a consequence of my own thinking, question marks I draw in my own diary. How do you manage to open up so much, as that is the only way to find in you something to mark the world with and make yourself worth a while, if the world is sometimes so irresponsive to your existence that you actually end up having to make an effort in socializing-even with your own friends! Maybe the tragedy is in the change of - not changing at all. I’ve noticed that in Joseph’s relationships with friends, and I am not necessarily saying his change is for the better - but his alienation to me seems familiar, like it could happen to many of us - if deprived of things we keep ourselves occupied with. His interior world might be a small, hidden part of our own worlds, only peeled off and spiced with more or less cynicism. What I meant when speaking of difficulty to find a voice of your own, the one which will lead to your own fulfillment and also provide you with means to survive in the “real world”, in Joseph’s case - it is the moment where he reads the letter from John Pearl and contemplates over his own talents, “if he has any” as he says. When he concludes that the only one he’s got is a talent of being a citizen, a good man, unaware of it or not, Joseph takes it for...
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