Dangers of Splenda

Topics: Sugar / Pages: 7 (1571 words) / Published: Apr 7th, 2013
Alex Kalman

Topic: Why sugar substitutes are dangerous for your health

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that sugar substitutes aren’t really what the general public think they are and can be potentially unsafe for your body

Thesis: Overall, recent studies have shown that sugar substitutes isn’t and can cause potential health problems.


I. How many times have you gone to the condiment bar of an eating establishment and reached for the Splenda or Sweet N Low because you are on a diet and you think that real sugar will add a few pounds. (Attention Getter)

II. Since I work in the food industry, this debate whether sugar substitutes are really that much better for you than real sugar is something that has sparked my interest for a while now and I have been doing extensive research (Credibility)

III. “Low–sugar” is the successor to the “low–carb” craze, even though they are essentially the same thing and according to the New York Times, by the end of this summer 11% of the food items on supermarket shelves will be labeled “reduced sugar”. Also, Sales in granulated sugar have dropped four percent in the past six months and this is due to the new reliance on products like Splenda. A recent study has shown that 84% of Americans use sugar substitutes daily. (relevance)

IV. Overall, recent studies have shown that sugar substitutes are no better for your body then real sugar and can cause potential health problems (Thesis)

V. Today we will investigate these products and the real dangers that could potentially lie inside those bright little packages (Preview)

Transition: So lets jump right into this bitter debate about sweeteners


I. The market contains a plethora of sugar-free products for diabetics: sugar-free puddings, yogurts, desserts, diet sodas, iced-teas, drinks, and more. But are they really “free” and cause you not to gain weight?

A. Many diet programs and health-care

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