Dangers of Smoking and Second Hand Smoke

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Dangers of Smoking

Dangers of Smoking
Smoking has been around since 5000 BC. Scientist discovered lung cancer is linked with smoking, but it was not until 1980’s when scientific data began to pile up; the world spoke about the dangers of tobacco. The British Columbia government has allowed a smoking ban overturned from a court’s decision, for the workplace, yet continues in a lawsuit against tobacco companies claiming the companies did not give warning to the public of the dangers involved with smoking. The purpose of the lawsuit is recovering costs from health care related illness from smoking. Health care issues related to secondhand smoke from the workplace, restaurants, and clubs were smoke free from the tobacco ban instituted by the worker’s compensation board. Timothy Schafer wrote “Although the government should still pursue a course of action against the tobacco companies and hold them accountable for their product, they should show that they are legitimately concerned with people's health, and not just the cost to the health care system, by bringing back the smoking ban.” Health care problems from smoking such as heart attacks, cancers, and lung diseases can decrease from smoking cessations. Smoking is a serious public health care issue and should be treated as a chronic disease. In an article Therapies for smoking cessation in primary care; Ayşen Fenercioğlu and İsmet Tamer wrote “Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the world in current medical practice.” The public dealing with secondhand smoke absorbs the dangerous chemicals and nicotine just as the smoker does. The environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a name for secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke known as “sidestream smoke” is smoke from the end of a cigar, pipe, or cigarette; this can be even more dangerous than smoking, and “mainstream smoke” is smoke exhaled from a smoker’s lungs. “When doctors refer to secondhand smoke, they are mostly describing side-stream; when a smoker...

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