Dangers of Smoking

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Today's soceity is all about image. As we grow up we all look up to a role model or follow the crowd. Some of us get mixed up and do not make the right decision for ourselves. Smoking and other tobacco products are being used every second of every day. More young adults are consuming tobacco products now than before, due to big tobacco companies and society portraying them as harmless and the cool thing to do. Parenting can be difficult, but sometimes parents do not stress the important topics of health. We know that smoking is not good, but it seems that we need somebody to tell us. Just because we know something is bad for us, does not mean it will stop us from doing it. Young adults like to rebel from their parents and smking is a way to do so for some. Watching a movie can also be referred to as watching an advertisement. In movies, celebritties can be seen smoking cigarettes. Tobacco companies pay production companies money to show their cigarettes on the big screen. Young adults see their favortie celebritiy smoking, and they think how cool do they look and go out and purchase those cigarettes. It seems silly, but its true and ridiculous at the same time. Growing up can be difficult and peer pressure is something we all give into at one point in life. Choosing our friends wisely is smart, but sometimes our friends choose to smoke. We all want to be accepted but giving into smoking because our friends do is wrong. Smoking to look older or to appear "cool" is wrong. Society is all about appearance, but consuming tobacco products for acceptance is not the right decision. Tobacco is addictive and starting while young, will hurt in the long run. Tobacco companies will not stop selling their products, unless somehow they are put to an end. Making the right decision for ourselves and not giving in to society's image is beneficial for everyone. The death toll from smoking rises more and more every year. When will it end? Young adults need to be...
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