Dangers of Plastic Bottles.

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Dangers of Plastic Bottles
 Plastic bottles are hugely popular these days for their convenience and perceived purity, as portrayed by effective marketing strategies. But according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, consumers should not assume that bottled water is safe.  Reusing plastic drink bottles is not recommended, as it increases the likelihood of impurities due to the introduction of bacteria and the potential leaching of plastic compounds into the water.         Common Types of Plastic Drinking BottlesPolyethylene terephthalate or (PET plastics) are most commonly used for disposable plastic water bottles. High-density polyethylene, or HDPE (No. 2); low-density polyethylene, or LDPE (No. 4); and polypropylene (No. 5) are also used for drinking containers, though less frequently. PVC (No. 3) and styrene (No. 6) are sometimes used for food and beverage containers but are generally considered unsafe for this purpose. No. 7 plastics are a mix of different plastics and generally contain bisphenol A (BPA), which is under much scrutiny for its potential health risks.         Bacteria ConcernsAll plastic bottles, when reused, are subjected to high levels of bacteria due to contact with hands and mouths, creating moist conditions that encourage bacteria growth. Water bottles can be washed with warm soapy water and allowed to dry before being reused. But the process of washing and agitation has been shown to damage the structure of the bottle, causing release of chemical compounds         Leaching ConcernsPET and BPA plastics are the most common types of containers for water and other drinks. Both PET plastics and BPA plastics have been shown to leach over time. PET plastics tend to leach when exposed to realistic though extreme conditions, such as exposure to sunlight, heat and storage time It has been shown that exposure to BPA can interfere with reproductive development in animals. It has also been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in...
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