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Dangerous Sports

By alejandra1332012 Feb 27, 2013 320 Words
Dear editor,
I’m writing in response to your recent exhortation in order to express our opinion on the topic of dangerous sports. I would deeply agree that this type of “entertainment” is spreading like a wildfire as a human’s habit. Obviously it refers to a risky issue and people who exercise it are in a great danger to get hurt or even die but shake them down putting a deadline between what some people assume as reckless.

Having said that, it is evident that whoever chooses to try a dangerous sport puts himself in a great danger as a result of the difficulty he will come across. A misstep, not being fully equipped or whatever else would go wrong might cause even a life! It is true that before anyone has the chance to do a dangerous sport must be absolutely informed of all the dangers he might encounter and moreover to have being practicing for a long time because muscle-strength is something definitely useful in such occasions. Thus, people should be informed that dangerous sports take great responsibility and need a good training before trying them.

However, I would frankly support the ones who are determined taking such a risk. It is admirable the way they “birth” their courage in every challenge they get through. Generally I believe that these sports afford them with a great deal of adrenaline and put them in an extraordinary experience every time they are doing it, even if they have been in this hobby many times before! So, we must not deprecate or prevent them of doing what they enjoy!

In conclusion, I believe that everyone, is responsible of what he does but moreover everyone has the free will to make any “farfetched” choice, because life is truly short, so if we don’t “fill” it with risky situations, whatever “risky” mean to each one of us, our life will be meaningless!

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