dangerous Plant life

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“Native to Japan, kudzu was brought to the United States in 1876 for the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, where it was promoted as an ornamental plant for gardens and food for goats, cows, and pigs. To control erosion, it was planted in the South from 1935 through the mid-1950s. The United States Department of Agriculture removed kudzu from its list of recommended ground cover plants in 1953, when it became recognized as an aggressive nuisance. The agency listed kudzu as a noxious weed in 1972. Infestations are particularly heavy in the Deep South, and in Florida it is invading the Everglades.” Source: http://sites.naturalsciences.org/invasives/kudzu.htmI goes without saying that Kudzu grows pretty fast (about 60 feet per second) and extremely hard to get rid of. In a matter of weeks it could take over a forest!

It’s effect on the environment is pretty destructive and is probably along the lines of one of the most damaging plants (next to peat, that could set its self on fire but, that’s for another essay) The danger this plant will cause would be roads, houses, car and even electrical wires will be covered by kudzu. Cutting of power and even traffic lights in extreme cases that would bring traffic to a standstill; Combine that with an emergency call and you would have the recipe for a very bad time. Kudzu at time can be very hard to identify from regular ivy. if you see anything like kudzu in your back yard, it would be a good idea to take care of it before it gets out of hand. It can be spotted by the flower it sprout along with the vines. It can be white, pink or purple but, almost always have the same shape. If you see this flower, you might have kudzu

Although Kudzu grows extremely fast, there is a reason why it isn’t all over the globe beside the obvious reason of climate. There is a way to kill it in its own environment. About 3: Use veoius chemical to fry them and remove

Wait until the winter, and when it’s at its coldest. Take them out with...
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