Dangerous Driving Habits

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Dangerous Driving Habits

A few years ago most of the traffic accidents were mainly caused by impaired drivers who were either under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
According to the 2009 Florida Traffic Crash Statistics that number has considerably dropped compared to previous years. In 2009 235,778 traffic crashes were reported, an average of 646 accidents a day. But surprisingly, only 20,085 of these crashes were related to alcohol impairment, about 1283 crashes were related to other drug or substance abuse, and the other 200,000 plus crashes are related to none other than driving distractions.

In today's traffic commuting the average American spend about 20 to 40 minutes confined to their vehicles most likely stuck in rush hour traffic. Within this time frame there is a high tendency to get distracted by doing something else.

Distracted driving is basically any activity that takes the driver's attention away from the task of driving. This distraction occurs when the driver's focus is on something other than the primary task of driving. This of course increases the risk of driver error and crash involvement.

These are just a few examples of actions that are considered driving distractions: * Eating and drinking;
* an outside person, object, or event;
* adjusting a radio, cassette, CD, iPod or GPS device;
* a passenger in the vehicle;
* a moving object in the vehicle;
* smoking related;
* a medical issue;
* fatigue, stress;
* inattentive or lost in thought.
But a major distraction I'd like to point out is talking on a cell phone. Research shows that drivers who talk on a cell phone while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a crash. This convenient distraction has increased nationwide in the past years and here is why: * Technological advances over the last 20 years;

* a perceived need to be connected to work or home at all times; * a perception that driving is an unproductive,...
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