Danger of Single Story

Topics: Rajasthan, Cognition, Understanding Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Danger of Single Story
The video of Chimananda Adiche on the “Danger of Single Story” explains why we should not believe or form general opinions based on single story. According to her there can be many faces of a story and if one looks at more than one face, it will naturally help in seeking broader understanding of the fact the story is trying to tell. Everyone knows that in Haryana and Rajasthan are new born girls are killed. I have heard many stories of different practices used in killing new born girls in Rajasthan where I have stayed for more than 14 years. In Haryana, according to census the number of girls is less than number of boys and reasons seems to be female foeticide. This has created a lot of negative image about the state as everybody tries to make a noise of this side of the story. During my stay in Rajasthan, I have never seen any such thing happening but yes there are some remote areas where these things might have happened. If you start looking at the other side of this story then you can find examples of girls from Haryana and Rajasthan coming up and doing wonderful work in different area like sports, education, music etc. I know of a village near to Jodhpur in Rajasthan where new born girls were killed used barbaric techniques, but now the practice have stopped and the reason is that people from other village have stopped giving their daughters as brides to this village bridegrooms. The government of Rajasthan is running excellent support programme for girl child in the area of education. Any girl child can study up to class 12th free of cost and can do further studies at a very nominal fee. The number of educated girls is increasing every day in these states. So at the end I would always like to see all the faces of cube and then make perception about the topic. If you are not ready to look beyond a certain logic people can term you as a stereotype. Open your mind and try to have an all-round understanding of things before making your...
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