dancehall music effects on the society

Topics: Multiracial, Caribbean, Race, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Miscegenation / Pages: 5 (1236 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2014

Questions: 1. How did the Caribbean islands become so multiracial? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multiracial society?


Alli-Jae Wallace
Social Studies
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Miss. Johnson

It is a task, privilege and or opportunity for me to use this essay to inform you on multiracial societies in the Caribbean and help you the reader to understand why we have multiracial societies in the Caribbean. In this essay I will be highlighting or placing emphasis on a few key terms. It is also my duty or task to explain and define to the following phrases or terms to you; on what a multiracial society is, how the Caribbean became so multiracial and to highlight the advantages and the disadvantages of this type of society.

A multiracial society or multiracialism is a concept or ideology that promotes a society composed of various races, while accepting and respecting different cultural backgrounds. It is a society that consists of a diverse mix of people, whether it be relative to their ethnicity, language, culture, religion, or traditions.
Nowadays 99% of the modern world countries have become a multiracial society, whether it is relative to their language, religion , culture, or traditions . Also universities , schools and other societies have become multiracial, it is not necessary for the whole country . And today with all aspects of economical, social and other types of growth , it is distinguishably linked to the globalization and the immigration of people to other countries, which has become more and more common . But can a multiracial community exist with no problems attached ?

A multiracial society is very rich in culture heritage, where you get the opportunity to learn about other cultures. A multi-racial society is also a

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