Dance Studio V. Public High School

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Bianca Jamerson
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Dance Studio v. Public High School Dancing
Millions of people in the world love to dance but for the most part it’s where they are training which determines their success. Generally when someone wants to dance they think to take classes at a studio. Studio training is usually considered the best way to learn to dance but it is not the only way. Learning to dance at a public high school is an extremely convenient option as well. There are several similarities and differences between learning at a studio and at school, both having their pros and cons.

The best part about dancing at a public high school is that it is free. Students can take dance classes as their physical education or join a school dance team, both involving little or no money. When most people take dance at school they’ve never really danced before but since they get to experience it with their peers and people at school they’re familiar with, it makes it more comfortable. Due to not all students having experience with dance, dance teachers are able to be very hands on and take their time teaching students the basics. Normally the teachers teach at a very beginner level so students can learn the basic technique before they go on in dancing. Some schools offer an intermediate class for their dance team and other dancers with experience so that they don’t have to start from the beginning. Since the dance team is still a part of the school, fortunately their rehearsal times rarely go past 6:00 pm.

With dancing at a public school not all aspects are always positive. There is a lack of funding for many dance programs at schools. Considering this, dance programs are without new costumes, a nice facility to dance in, and no money for performances and competitions. Seeing that the funding is not very apparent for public school dance departments, the dance teachers and coaches tend to be unprofessional. They think that since they are working at a school...
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