Dance as a Sport

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Dancing As a Sport
When you say the word sport, typically the stereotypical activities such as baseball, basketball and football come to mind. But now there are many more physical activities that are considered sports. Nontraditional activities like bowling, skate boarding and rhythmic gymnastics are all making name in the world of sports even though the technique and strategies can be different than those that are used out on the field. Dance is another physical activity that is sometimes not viewed as athletic sport. Dance is often categorized with the performing arts and not given full credit for the physical dedication and commitment it takes in order to be a professional dancer. People need to ask themselves, “Is the dedication to becoming a top notch football player any different than the dedication it takes to excel as a dancer?” The answer to that question is no. Dance should be considered a sport because the intensity that is required to excel is the same as any other athletic athlete.

Dance, like any other sport, consist a lot of different elements to helps people succeed in the activity. The same elements that are used in dance are along the same guidelines that are used in traditional sports. It is not uncommon for kids to get involved in activities at a young age. Sports teams offer pee wee leagues and dance studios for creative movement classes for the preschool ages. The earlier a child is introduced to a skill, a stronger foundation the child will have with the activity, therefore bettering their chances of being a more rounded athlete in the long run. Social skills and team work is also used in these activities. A participant in dance has to be able to communicate choreography and work with other dancers to ensure a quality performance. Teammates on sports teams rely on each other to cover the field, score the goals and protect each other from the other team. These activities rely on team work at some point, and it also...
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