Dance Analysis

Topics: Dance, Performance Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Dance Analysis

As the lights went off, the audience went silent, curiously waiting to see what was going to happen next. All we knew was the performance name, Agwa, the Portuguese term for water. Even if I had not been given the title of the performance, I could have guessed it after seeing the dancers perform.The performance Agwa portrayed the many dimensions of water through dance. The essence of water was clearly painted on the stage by the bodies of the dancers through fluid movements, powerful yet graceful acrobatics, and tranquil music.

The spotlight glistened off the muscle tone of one dancer center stage, as he stayed crouched low to the ground. As the beat of the music started to pick up, and rainforest sounds echoed in the background. He begun to contort his body, starting with his left fingers, the wave of energy slowly crept up his arm to his elbow, up to his shoulder, and across his body, then down his right arm. He passed the wave to his torso, and soon I couldn't keep track where the wave was coming from and going to. It was like an electric current passed through his body, like lightening in water. Two more dancers crept to the stage, each individual body flowed to the music in perfect synchrony. Each movement was isolated, muscle by muscle, yet there was no jerking or abrupt movements. Their bodies flowed, just like water.

Though most of the performance focused on the bodies and movements of the dancers, they used certain props like cups as a tool to measure their talent. First the cups were all over the stage. The dancers would perform a piece, and as the lights turned down, re-arrange the cups to portray a different feeling. This time, the lights turned on and the cups were in 5 single file rows. Some dancers were at the back of the stage positioned in a line slowly moving their bodies to the beat. All the sudden, my focus was taken by a dancer to the left of the stage, he bent his knees, eyes forward and determined and took a big...
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