Dance 100

Topics: Dance, Performance, Choreography Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: April 15, 2013
New Moves, choreographed and performed by the students of the Cornish College of the Arts at the Broadway Performance Hall amazed me with how the dancers were able to express emotional moments in nature and life through various dance techniques.

The first piece, Tiger Lily 96 performed by Elise Laundles and Collen McNeary, contains two young female dancers simulating birds hatching as they transform their bodies from being trapped in the egg to a great bird spreading its wings. The two dancers lay on the ground curled up in balls only to simultaneously wriggle their torsos in circle motions and twitch their shoulders and necks in a strong effort to break free of their shells. They proceed to jolt upright from their low level into a high level standing position, and gently spread their arms out from their sides up and apart from their bodies, extending their arms and fingertips like great birds spreading their wings. Enlightened with the immense power of their newly formed wings, the two dancers fly around the stage, flapping their arms smoothly yet with strong effort, traveling across the whole stage back and forth as they glide jumping from toe-tip to toe-tip using ballet-like techniques. The contrasting element of the dancers being curled up in stagnant balls on the gourd and the dancers transforming into birds flying around the stage using the entirety of the available space enticed me and the fellow audience members as the dance moves continually changed.

La Fine del Passato, the next performance by Sean Rosato, expresses moments of death in which a man cannot get over the death of his ex-lover as the women in black aggressively holds the women in gold back from embracing the man. The gold, symbolizing the present day, and the black, symbolizing the past, costumes help the audience conceptualize this true dance of deep and dark feelings.

The Exterior Layers of What has Formed to Me, surprised me with the richness...
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