Dana Hall

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S02d2-Dana Hall
Capella University-Dr. Elena Kays
October 21, 2013

The Dana Hall School was founded in 1881 by Henry Durant, with whom he and a friend, Charles Dana, allocated resources to construct. As an All-Girl’s school, they initially began as a boarding only school for girls in grades 10-12. Unfortunately, despite a plateau and then decrease in registration, the organization now must face a decision based on three options: Continue to operate a failed model until they run out of land to sell. Invite boys to apply and make the school coeducational.

Find a way to get the existing model to work better. (McFarlan, 2007) Specifically, the dialog below is provided to reach the following objectives: Identify the academic and social values that undergird the history and mission of the institution Identify the deep seated values brought into conflict in the decision by Dana Hall to offer co-education.

William McMurtrie: Hi Elaine. Thank you for meeting with me today. As you are aware, we are having some serious issues here at Dana Hall. Elaine Betts: Yes, William. We have been struggling for years to increase enrollment, decrease turnover and excel against the competition. William McMurtrie: As newly elected leader of the “Mission Committee,” we are hoping to reconstruct the true mission of Dana Hall. The school has evolved over the years as a Girls’ Boarding school only for students in grade 10-12, to one that is open to girls from sixth grade and up. Elaine Betts: How does everyone on the committee feel so far? Is it fair to say the decision to add males is the correct choice? Wiliam McMurtrie: The committee, so far, has concretely made it known that they feel the “current, single-sex environment” is working the best for the students. Elaine Betts: So, are you indicating that the stakeholders do not want to change the composition of students? Wiliam McMurtrie: Yes. In fact, the committee did some due...

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