Damselfly Nymph

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Damselfly Nymph

Odonata (Zygoptera) The damselfly nymph is a macro-invertebrate that lives in ponds, streams, and lakes. The nymphs live in water, but the adult damselflies live on land. It isn’t very big; it’s about 10-30 millimeters or one inch long. Damselfly Nymphs have long slender bodies and a set of tail-like gills at the end that separate into three parts for breathing. It also helps them with swimming. They also have extendable jaws that can fold up under their head. This will help them catch their prey. They have legs close behind their head (near the jaw.) They have large compound eyes that give them really good vision. The Damselfly’s life cycle goes from an egg, to a Damselfly Nymph, and then to a regular Damselfly. The eggs are laid on the water or in stems of plants. On hatching, the nymph will escape. The damselfly goes through a process that turns them into an adult. The nymph will climb a plant stem before hatching for the final time. Once the wings have dried, the adult damselfly will fly away.

This macro-invertebrate can be found in many different ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. Damselfly Nymphs usually live on plants, among small stones and leaves at the bottom of ponds or slow-flowing rivers. The Damselfly Nymph eats other small insects, and will sometimes even eat each other. Bigger bugs and some fish will eat Damselflies. The Damsalfly Nymph is very important. They keep the insect population in check. Many of the species prey on each other.
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