Damned Rules

Topics: Empire of Japan, Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II Pages: 6 (1471 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Outbreak of WWII in Asia
Japan's rise to power:

Meiji Restoration of 1868
-Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end and Emperor come back into rule. -Through modernization and industrialization, Japan became militarily and economically strengthened -The military supported the emperor closely

-The emperor became the most powerful political figure in Japan due to the changes he made

Japanese historical and cultural legacies
-The people were open to strong military leader's influence of political events due to the precedent set during the Tokugawa Shogun. -Japanese highly valued the samurai based honor code
-Backing down or surrendering was seen as cowardice and disgraceful -This mindset explains Japan's reaction to threats of war from other nations

Japan's ambition to establish itself in Asia and Europe:
:As Japan developed they struggled to gain power to establish itself just as the western did.:

Conflict with Russia
-The rise of Japan was an immediate threat to Russian interest in the east. -The Russian Empire established a sphere of influence in Manchuria and Northeastern China and secured an ice-free port. -Russia attempted to set up a permanent military and naval base in Manchuria which is seen as a security threat to Japan and its interests to influence Korea -Japan offered to accept Russian influence in Korea if they gave Japan Manchuria -Russia was not interested in making deals with an eastern country and rejected -Eastern powers were seen as inferior to the Western powers due to strong racism at that time. -The Russo-Japanese War took place in 1904 with Japan emerging the victor -This is the first time an Eastern power beat a Western power -They signed the treaty of Portsmouth after the war

-Japan gained control of the Liaodong Peninsula, South Manchurian railway and the southern half of the Sakhalin Island

Alliance with Britain
-Britain recognized Japan's power
-They signed the Anglo-Japanese treaty which was renewed in 1905 -They shared similar interests in China
-Britain recognized Japan's right to defend Korea while Japan recognized Britain's right to defend India

Conflicts with China:

First Sino-Japanese war
-In 1894, Japan won a war against China over the control of Korean peninsula. -They also took advantage of the weakness of the Qing government to take over Chinese territory -The treaty of Shimonoseki signed in 1895

-China was forced to give up control of Korea and the whole of Taiwan -Japan administered Taiwan as its first overseas colony
-Japan tried to rule Korea indirectly through its royal family -Korean Queen, Myeongseong tried to ask Russians for help but was assassinated for it by Japanese agents -Japan officially annexed Korea in 1910

21 demands
-Western powers interested in China because of its size and population. -This fueled Japanese ambitions to expand into China
-China was politically unstable
-Japan delivered the 21 demands as an ultimatum in 1915

Worsening Relations with USA:
USA did not consider Japan as an equal to Western powers. This caused tension to rise

American racism against Japanese
-Racial segregation was common in American society
-Laws were passed to protect American economic interest
-Excluded Japanese, Chinese and Korean immigrants to stop them from competing for jobs -Passed the Chinese Exclusion act in 1882 to suspend Chinese immigration -Japanese and Korean exclusion act in 1905

-Japanese were greatly offended by this racial discrimination

Paris Peace Conference
-Prince Fumimaro Konoe wrote in to the League to counter the racial discrimination. -Wilson would not pass the proposal without unanimous agreement -Britain and Australia did not approve of the proposal therefore the proposal was rejected -Japan felt they were not given due respect from the Western powers

Washington Naval Conference in 1921
-Called for disarmament of the major powers
-USA, Britain, Japan, Italy, France
-Japan was unhappy as...
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