Dally And Johnny In The Outsiders

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How can two people with completely different personalities have so much alike? It is almost impossible, but in S.E. Hinton's novel The Outsiders, it is not possible. Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston are similar because both characters have uncaring parents and they care for each other. With all the similarities they have their many differences, Johnny is the most law abiding and Dally is the least and their personalities are nothing alike. Thus, Dallas and Johnny have significant similarities and huge differences.
Dally and Johnny have a very significant similarity and that is they have uncaring parents. For instance, he was arrested at the age of ten, if his parents would have cared for him he would not have been with a gang and been arrested. Dally never
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For example, Dally feels like Johnny is a mirror reflection of him, and he does not want Johnny to end up like him. Dally makes this crystal clear when he says to Johnny, “You get hardened in jail. I don’t want that to happen to you” (90). Dally has been known to not care about anything but himself, but when Dally says this he shows clear care for Johnny. Likewise, Johnny, shows more than just caring for Dallas. Ponyboy says, “Johnny worshiped the ground Dallas walked on” (25). Ponyboy makes it clear-cut that Johnny cares for Dally. Therefore, Dallas and Johnny are very alike in a way that they both care for one another.
As much as they are alike they both have their many differences, especially when it comes to personalities. For example, Dallas is more of a stereotyped greaser because h is aggressive and tough. Even everybody in their gang tries their hardest to stay on Dally’s good side. Ponyboy says of Dally, “He was cold and hard and mean” (90). Clearly if one of his friends states him as being cold, hard, and mean that means he is one for fighting. Conversely, Johnny is the complete opposite of the stereotyped greaser, he is sensitive, and

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