Dalits are marginalized

Topics: Rape, Caste system in India, War rape Pages: 3 (387 words) Published: October 16, 2014

Dalits are Marginalized

Mrs. Pivniveru
September 10, 2014

All people are all considered equal. However, in the article theuntouchables, there is a special group of people in India they are considered untouchable. There is a special name for them which is Dalit. They are restricted by the other castes. They are forced to do the nasty works. And they have no right in their lives. Therefore the article theuntouchables written by Sally Armstrong is an example of marginalization. First of all, Dalits are not allowed to do or eat anything the same as the upper-caste people. For example, in the article, “[Gowramma] is forbidden to walk on the street of the Hindu village, enter the temple, drink from the same wall as the upper-caste members or even eat the same food” (Armstrong 1). Therefore, Dalits are considered as outsiders. They are not allowed to walk on the street demonstrate that they are marginalized by the upper-caste people geographically. Second of all, Dalits are forced to do nasty works. Not only dirty works but also indelicate works. To demonstrate, in the article states that “[Dalits] are forced to do jobs such as removing dead animals and cleaning latrines” (Armstrong 1). At the same time, in some place in India “Dalit girls as young as seven and eight are designated as the village concubine” (Armstrong 1). Consequently, Dalits are forced to do the nasty works what the upper-caste people do not want to do. That prove that Dalits are marginalized psychologically. Third of all, in Indian court, Dalits treated inhumanely. To illustrate, after a Dalit be raped and she finds evidences, the judge acquitted her rapists with this reason: “Since the offenders were upper-caste men, ... the rape could not have taken place because an upper-caste man could not have defiled himself by raping a low caste woman.” When it comes to sex, Dalit women have a slogan:...
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