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Topics: Daisy Miller, Europe, Switzerland Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: January 3, 2013
1. Can this story be read as a comment on the expectations for wealthy young women of the period? Or the lack of formal education or active endeavors for women? I think this story indirectly compare between wealthy young European woman with a wealthy young American woman. This story alludes the wealthy young European woman who was too exalted their degree than the people in the middle class and the lower class. But, the story is also alluded to the woman of wealthy Americans who are less immoral, too freely, and underestimate the education.

2. Are Daisy and Winterbourne temperamentally well-suited to become friends? If we look at based on the European culture, I think is no, they aren’t. Although they are come from America, but their social situation and culture better are different. Winterbourne settles at Geneva and he was educated in Europe. So we can conclude that Winterbourne is just a man who emigrates from America to Europe. That’s all. He is different with Daisy, who always moves from one place to another place. She and her family like traveling. As we know that traveling needs much money. Moreover, to that place, Vevey town in Switzerland, this is expensive town. So we can see that Daisy is wealthy young woman.

3. How is Mrs. Costello characterized? Mrs. Walker? Whose opinions do they represent? To what extent are their opinions founded on evidence? What does Mrs. Costello mean by saying, "But she is very common." Mrs. Costello is Wonterbourne’s aunt that disfavor of Daisy Miller’s presence in Winterbourne life, she is confidante of Winterbourne. In this novel describe Mrs.Walker that she is a mutual friend with Winterbourne and Daisy who met at Geneva. They represent about especially from Mrs.Costello suspicion is the extremely European idea that Daisy might be an adventuress a sort of social hustler whose whole object is to trick Winterbourne to marry Daisy. Actually Daisy is not good for Winterbourne because...
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