Daisy Miller

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[pic] Daisy Miller is a 1878 novella by Henry James. It portrays the confused courtship of the eponymous American girl by Winterbourne, a compatriot of hers with much more sophistication. His pursuit of her is hampered by her own flirtatiousness, which is frowned upon by the other expatriates they meet in Switzerland and Italy. Her lack of understanding of the social mores of the society she so desperately wishes to enter ultimately leads to tragedy.

Daisy Miller in wonderland
After read Daisy Miller
Recently I read the novel daisy miller which written by Henry James. It’s a short novel but the vocabularies are difficult to me, so after I found the movie and saw it with Xueqin. Daisy is an American girl who is beautiful and open. Her kindness and passion make her so charming that many gentlemen admire her. She traveled to Europe with her mother and brother. All her family members are talkative and let everything go for feeling. It seems annoying, but on the other hand, it just shows their innocent. Then the beautiful, open, innocent American girl met Mr. Winterbourne. He is a kind and humor gentlemen, they fell in love with each other. Daisy is a girl who doesn’t like to be tied. She always does what she wants to, and never mind other’s words. She likes to make friends to those wise gentlemen, likes to travel and jogging with them. But the only man she loved is Winterbourne. I think Daisy is familiar with another character—Alice. That’s why I titled this article like that. They are both independent and advanced, when face the authority and tradition, Alice escaped to the dream, Daisy choose to face and challenged them. Mr. Winterbourne is her wonderland. Once they went to castle together, talk and laugh. Although she always say” you’re stuff!”, she knows that only he can give her all his belief, tolerate, and understanding. He can answer all her strange question and respect her, no matter how freeness she is, no matter how many people dislike her. He’s just...
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