Dairy Entry

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December 29, 1820
Dear Dairy,

Oh lord! Today I found out that my best friend, in any cost, Algy, is actually my factual younger brother!! What a great day it has been. I have travel and argued with this guy so much and we never seem to know that we were brothers. And the most awful news I heard today, was that Miss Prism who put me in the hang bag, I can’t believe it.

Miss Prism- Why did you put me in a hang bug? What you were opinion that time? I will forgive you because you correct your mistake for meeting us together again.

Lady Bracknell- You’re the last smell from my mom so I better call you mammy if you want. Mammy thank you for letting me to proposed for Gwendolen, you know how much I love her right. It like car and a wheel they can’t live without being together. It the end can I hug you with kisses and call you mammy. Don’t doubts I well take care of Gwendolen.

Algernon- Algy you know we were best friends but now we are brothers. We always live like a brothers and travelled together. I like you when first when I saw you and I felt from inside that were brothers. I wish my mammy was a live and saw as together again she will be the happiest person ever. Of course she was sad when I was lost I feel sorry for her. But were now united again lad. It is amazing when you say “Brother” I fell it special but now I can say it until I am bored. BROTHER BROTHER BROTHER. Gwendolen- Were at last together at last you know what I mean. I fight your mother and fight the humankind just for you. At the end we are cousins and we didn’t know; now this is funny and masteries at the same time. The best thing is the name is Earnest and you don’t need to get rid of the tattoo from your lower back. Also you wanted me to have this name.

At the end I like to tell that I have been stupid to have a Double life, I always wanted a brother and now at last I have a brother and he is Algernon. Now I will go to his room to bother him.
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