Daimler Chrysler Post Merger Integration

Topics: Daimler AG, Decision making, Jeep Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: April 25, 2008
The DaimlerChrysler Post-Merger Integration

The case ‘The ‘DaimlerChryler Post-Merger Integration’ gives an overview of the merger between DaimlerBenz AG of Germany and Chrysler Corporation of the US. The case focuses on the post-merger integration and the various problems faced by the merged entity. It also explores the enormous cultural differences and management styles and the problems to realize the synergies identified prior to the merger.

Why did they decide to merge?
At the time of the merger both the companies were hugely profitable and the purpose was to ensure long-term prosperity as well as exploit large potential synergies. The production and market concentration matched each other very well. Chrysler so far had failed to establish greater geographical scope (90% of sales concentrated to North America) and expected to improve quality and technical capability throughout this merger. Additionally it had become an attractive target for a take-over. DaimlerBenz was and had been for a long time very profitable in its car section but was only operating in the high value markets and needed for long term prosperity to increases its volume. So far it had not been able to take advantage of the booming US market. Both companies wanted to create a much larger, globally based enterprise to compete in major markets of the world.

Expected Synergies:
World leader in transportation
Savings resulting from economies of scale in R&D and procurement •Revenue enhancement
Complete spectrum of products (Jeep and SUV segment for DaimlerBenz, luxury end for Chrysler) •Higher productivity through better capacity utilization •Exchange of technology
Higher bargaining power, lack of capital constraint

Happenings during the integration phase:
Taxes and government issues were decided first
Integration took place directly afterwards
Decision for a back-end merger -> low integration depth, synergies stem from the administrative level rather than...
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