Daily Phosphorus Intake

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(A Greek word meaning Light Bearer)

Many of the substances and gadgets discovered in the past were done so by accident. Phosphorus was no different. This substance came about in 1669 when a German physician named Hennig Brand boiled, filtered and processed many gallons of urine. As disgusting as this method was, he conducted the experiment in hopes to distill salt by evaporating urine! In the interim, he generated a white substance that glowed in the dark and burned brightly, hence Phosphorus. The urine-burning method is not necessary any longer. We can collect phosphorus from phosphate rock now.

Because of Henning Brand’s non-conventional methods then, beginning in the 19th century and today, we have fireworks, matches, pesticides, toothpaste, and detergents. Phosphorus went on to aid in the creation of fertilizer, and the latest, a herbicide that we all know as Roundup.

Phosphorus and calcium are two of the most plentiful minerals in the human body. Phosphorous works with calcium to produce healthy teeth and strong bones. However Phosphorous and Calcium are two very different entities. Without Phosphorus the body would not be able to convert protein, carbohydrates and fat into energy. Phosphorus also aids in the formation of cell membranes and genetic material and assists the kidneys in cleaning out toxins.

Obtaining and/or maintaining the proper amount of phosphorus depends on one’s eating habits. Which kinds of foods give the proper amount of phosphorus? How can foods be prepared to allow the maximum retention of phosphorus? Consider the foods that contain an adequate serving of starch and fiber.

Whole wheat breads, oatmeal, whole-grain cereals, chicken without the skin, liver, fish and seafood, beef, turkey, dairy products, pork, and lamb are some foods that contain the necessary levels of phosphorus. Dairy products such as cheese are good sources for obtaining phosphorus as well.

Stay away from high volumes of carbonated drinks. These drinks are loaded with calories. Because of this reason, carbonated drinks are not on the list of good sources. Change routine food intake. When doing this, though, avoid too much sodium and sugar intake. Overloading on these two don’ts defeats the purpose one is trying to achieve.

Dependent on the way food is prepared, the phosphorous levels in food can deteriorate quickly. So it is most important to prepare foods properly so to maintain the highest level of phosphorus possible. Broil or roast poultry, pork, veal and lamb. Beef can be cooked by any preferred means. This dish maintains the same level of phosphorus no matter how it is prepared. Also, prepare the entrée of choice with as little water as possible.

The cycle of phosphorus is quite simple. Phosphorus is born a nutrient that resides in a rock. The nutrient then either gets flushed out by the rain or chipped out by human beings. Plants absorb the nutrient in its roots. Phosphorus is now in the plant. When the plant parts fall off and start to deteriorate, the nutrient gets into the water and spreads to the other plants and water wildlife. For the most part, having phosphorus in the water is not good. This would probably mean that some other bad chemical polluted the water. Phosphorus in the water causes plants to die off and bacteria to form. This will cut off the oxygen supply and make it harder for plants and animals to breathe.

Remember the old saying, “Plants give off oxygen and are good for you?” Well, it’s true. Plants contain phosphorus commonly known as phosphates. There are risks of phosphorus losses in agricultural habitats. Because most of these lands provide a variety of foods for our country, water is a vital asset. Because so much water is used in these areas, vital phosphorus could deteriorate. Farmers have been contemplating a resolution of this problem for a while now. It seems that the cause of these losses...
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