Daily Journal

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My Journal

Monday (09.07.2012)
We arrived at Bengaluru International Airport around 5.25 pm and we set our watches to Bengaluru time which is 2½ hours later than Malaysian time. After 4 hours in Airasia AK1212, we finally reached Bangalore for our conference tomorrow. We stayed in Woodlands Hotel and it is about 1 hour journey from the airport. Our conference will be held in ITC Gardenia, the first green hotel in the world which is just across the road from where we stayed.

Tuesday (10.07.2012)

CONFERENCE DAY 1 ( Tuesday,10th July)
We registered at for the conference around 8.00 am and the first session started at 9.30 am. We can choose from 3 different workshop and I choosed Dr Thiagi’s since I have heard highly about his workshop and tips for games during classroom.

Breakfast at Woodlands Hotel.(from left : En. Aziz and Pn. Muna Khalila)

All of the officers and teachers from Malaysia.
From left, Mr Ng Yew Kee, En. Rezuan, En. Ker, Pn. Rositah, Pn. Kharsiyah, Cik Diddy, Pn. Zaidah, Pn. Muna, Pn. Latha, Pn. Maryati, Cik Norizatul, En. Aziz and En. Halim.


Picture of me with Dr. Thiagi (details in workshop journal)

After a whole day of motivating workshop, we went out to try Bangalore in the evening and later have dinner.

Wednesday (11.07.2012)

CONFERENCE DAY 2 ( Wednesday,11th July)

All of us gather at ITC Gardenia around 8.00 am and getting ready for our session at 9.15 am. The most interesting part in the conference is getting to meet new people from different areas and share our experiences and thoughts. Our sessions for today begins with general sessions, where all of the participants are gathered in the same hall.

Ron Kaufman, an well-known speaker. (details in workshop journal)

Mr. Jim ‘Energy’(details in workshop journal)

After the general sessions we had an opening ceremony for AsiaHRD congress

Opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony and lunch break, we were again given a...
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