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YES.. IT IS A REFLECTION.. but i feel like this is only going to be a report of what I did in the agency, Department of Health Center for Health Development Bicol. Well, this is my real JOURNEY here at the DOH...

Now, as a reflection, This is the time to say what I really feel...I feel so Happy, stressed at times and I feel very lucky.


At first, I had no idea what to do in this office... Me and my fellow Trainees talked about it and they said a lot of things like, "MAGSSTAPLER DAW NG MGA PAPEL, MAGXXEROX, etc." Yes Indeed I did A LOT of that, but what me and my friends knew was how it really feels to be in THAT ENVIRONMENT..

In my first day, I was feeling slightly awkward because my co-workers in the Unit are all MEN.. I am the only girl in the IT unit.. But that same day, I felt at ease, it was because Sir Chris, guided me all the way, with the help of Sir Edz, Sir Kane, and Sir Diony.. When I came there, I was not expecting that I will enjoy my stay, or that I will be able to cope up with the staff... But actually. I DID.. I was well-acquainted with the other staff. Let me introduce them to you. Mam Sha, from the Health Promotion Unit. She has the cutest smile for me. And I learned a lot from her especially with regards to the processes in the DOH. Mam Cha, from the Office of the Management Support Division. At first, I was really afraid of her. But she's actually really really nice and she is BRUTALLY HONEST haha XD Oftentimes, Mam Sha and Mam Cha.. talks to me like we are friends :) I met Mam Fe, Mam Beth, Mam Abba, Mam Gwen and Mam Mary too from the supply section. Sometimes, they give us incentives like chocolates, coffee, bread, and TSHIRTS! they are cool! :)) Mam Eva from the Records Section is nice too.. She always greets me whenever she sees me :) I met a lot of people, but I don't think I can enumerate them all... All of them are part of this chapter of my life.. and I'm glad I experienced this.. I feel that I...
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