Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Meter Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: June 5, 2014
“Daffodils” by William Wordsworth
I love this poem a lot! It gives a great peaceful and relaxing atmosphere------as if I am travelling in a grand forest admiring and feeling the lovely daffodils with the poet. I especially love the part when the poet detailedly describe how the daffodils fill all around the forest. It help me to image the whole picture, to feel the greatness of the beauty of the nature-------which is very appreciating and breathtaking. And I also found the first two lines of the first stanza interesting as the poet said he was admiring the daffodils on a cloud but not when wandering around in the forest. I think it somehow gives me fairytale feeling. Lots of skills have been used in this poem. It has used rhyme-----a rhyme with a pattern------ words in line 1 and 3 in every stanzas are rhyme (e.g. cloud and crowd) , words in line 2 and 4 in every stanzas are rhyme (e.g. hills and daffodils) , words in line 5 and 6 in every stanzas are rhyme (e.g. trees and breeze. And skill of personification has been used to describe the movements of the daffodils in stanza 2 and 3. The poet said the daffodils are dancing. Also, metaphor has been used in stanza 2. The poet said the amount of daffodils were as much as stars in the milky way to describe how huge the amount of daffodils were. By reading the poem, I can feel the merriness of the poet----- especially during his admiration of the daffodils. Yet, at the beginning and at the near end of the poem I can feel the poet feels a bit lonely. Yet, at the very end of the poem, the poet said whenever he is lonely the daffodils will be recalled which merried him. Thus I think the feeling and tone of the whole poem is joyful and merry. And new vocabularies could be learned from the poem, especially vocabularies expressing the felling of happiness, like jocund and gay. In conclusion, ifound this poem very worth admiring as it gives reader a very relaxing, peaceful and joyful feeling so I would strongly...
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