Daddy Tucked the Blanket

Topics: High school, Bullying, Essay Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Daddy Tucked The Blanket� by Randall Williams and �Long Life High School Rebels� by Thomas French are interesting essays that explore the life and pressure of young people growing up. They share some similarities, yet they also have some basic differences. One of the main similarities is that they were both written from a victim� s perspective. The author of �Daddy Tucked The Blanket� is a victim of social bias against poor people; similarly, the author of �Long Life High School Rebels� is a victim of an irrational high school administration. Also, we can feel great anger in both essays. In �Daddy Tucked The Blanket�, the anger is against the social prejudiceconcerning poverty. When his teacher asked all the children to describe what they got for Christmas gifts, Williams clearly shows us his anger. He writes: �I never forgave them . . . � His indignation is not only at those classmates and the teacher who tore his heart into pieces, but also at anyone who looked down upon him just because of his family�s poverty. Likewise, in �Long Life High School Rebels�, French is furious about the unfai However, the two articles have many differences. First of all, each was written in a very dissimilar kind of atmosphere. �Daddy Tucked The Blanket� was written in a heavy- hearted mood; Williams shows us his sufferings by recounting his past. He let us taste the humiliation when he tells us �I was ashamed of where I lived. I had been ashamed for as long as I had been conscious of class.� He gives us the feeling of hopelessness: �You will go mad from the sheer sense of futility.� He also shares with us his deep hurt as he recalls his memory of being laughed at just because he didn�t receive many Christmas presents. By contrast, �Long Life High School Rebels� is filled with satirizing, ridicule and incitement. We can see the satirizing and ridicule in the way French describes the excuse of the high school officers: �The rational for the rule was that shorts - but not miniskirts...
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